I won’t lie – it’s going to take a few for me to put something meaningful here. In the end this will give a brief overview of who I am and why this site exists.

Until I can formalize it, here are the most salient points:

    I am a pretty good DJ.

  • I produce a podcast called “Voyager” that you can access via the above menu or subscribe to with this URL
  • As of this year in addition to the normal feeds the podcast is broadcast live at Livesets
  • You can always find my schedule and up-to-date information on my Facebook page. (Likes are always appreciated)
  • I maintain a Soundcloud account and a Mixcloud account but they are simply reflections of the source podcast.
    I am occasionally a writer.

  • This year I hope to actually complete a book started via NaNoWriMo years ago.
  • I plan on at least attempting to bang out some off-the-cuff serials posted here for everyone’s amusement.
    I have opinions. Who doesn’t?

  • I get a kick out of writing video game reviews. I will post old ones and sometimes write new ones.
  • There will occasionally be blogging, most likely related to my work in IT but also an in-depth discussion on electronic music genres.